forkeosproxy is maintained by Troy Bryan.

Email: truetroy at proton mail dot com

Block Producers: Philosophically aligned EOS Block Producers (both old and new) are welcome to contact me about adding you to the cadre.

Forks: Any eosio sister chain project that is wanting to launch in the next 18 months should consider collaborating with forkeosproxy and dropping some tokens on our proxy voters.

dApps: Are you an awesome eosio dApp project? Well you can also drop tokens on forkeosproxy voters too!

HODLers: Any EOS token holder should feel free to contact me with constructive criticism or much affection.

Twitter: please follow @forkeosproxy on twitter and maybe retweet us from time to time.

Telegram: join our telegram and help ‘forkers’ decide what will be the key features of upcoming eos forks.