I don’t need to discuss if centralized exchange dominance in the top block producer positions is good or bad for EOS. It is the current reality.

If you are of the mind that more technological block producers that actually build stuff and provide stuff for the EOS blockchain, be in paying positions, then voting for forkeosproxy is the way to go.

If the game theory of this enterprise works – EOS holders will take EOS tokens off of exchanges in order to be qualified for tokens of new eosio blockchains.

If the free tokens are attractive enough then the centralized exchanges, (love them or hate them) will drop out of the top 21 and the Nerd BPs will climb into the top.

What will the ramifications be if there’s 15 Nerd BPs in the top 21?

I have no clue. I just want to be clear that I did not start forkeosproxy to FUD EOS.

I remain a Genesis token holder and I want to see EOS mainnet succeed.

Decentralization > Centralization.

Our first step to decentralization is getting our EOS tokens off of centralized exchanges.

“Not your keys. Not your crypto.”

Holding your EOS on the blockchain with your own private keys in much more secure.

Not only can exchanges not be trusted to become insolvent in a crypto market crash, or get hacked, or commit fraud… but government thugs can also pressure exchanges to give up information on you, and perhaps even take your tokens.

The technology is here for decentralized exchanges. Let’s do it!