Using a proxy to vote your EOS tokens is very simple on Anchor wallet.

When you choose forkeosproxy your tokens will automatically vote who I vote for.

And I only vote for the most magnificent specimens.

Here is my current choices. I will be adding more to reach 30 in good time.

No Vote Buying: When you vote for forkeosproxy you do not receive any rewards from the block producers like many other vote buying proxies.

“Virtue is it’s own reward.”

But on top of the virtue of lifting up well deserving Nerd BPs – voters of forkeosproxy will also be eligible to receive tokens in the forks of eos that may choose to drop on this proxy’s voters.

In Conclusion: Voting for the most super awesome block producers and receiving the most excellent tokens of new eosio projects is so fucking simple you won’t believe it, Bro.

Just go here and get er done.